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Knowledge and technology to improve the segment of professional cleaning and its conservation in Brazil and around the world!

Since its foundation, Bralimpia Equipment aims to continuously improve the segment of professional cleaning in Brazil and around the world. For that reason, has stood beside its consumers actively participating in the identification of needs, development of solutions and training of all the links of this chain, whose impact on the economy is fundamental, both by the companies that act directly in the Cleaning or by those that use it in its production processes.

More than manufacturing and marketing products, Bralimpia Equipment adds competitive advantages through complete and integrated solutions that add operational ease in addition to productivity gains, high levels of worker and user protection, and environmental gains.

In 2018, Bralimpia Equipamentos began its export plan and established a headquarters in the city of Orlando, in the United States for the distribution of its products to South, Central, and North America. It is partnering with leading international players to bring products and solutions to more countries around the world.

Being a manufacturer with exclusively national capital, it uses the technology and experience acquired in the real conditions of use of its products, and this allows to be next to the most important companies in Brazil and around the world.

MISSION / Contribute to the health and well-being of people through innovative and efficient solutions in professional and domestic cleaning, making life easier.

VISION / To be recognized as the leading brand in the professional cleaning segment for its products and services, the quality of relationships it establishes with its suppliers and customers, employees, shareholders, the community and the commitment to build a better world.

VALUES / • Have responsibility and social participation • Develop and recognize the diversity of our employees´ talents • Continuously seek improvement of company processes • Improve relationships with suppliers, customers, employees, shareholders, and the community. • Win the admiration of those involved with Bralimpia.


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